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Origins is the first book in The Nightstalker Saga.

The Universe exists as eleven REALMS spread out across the primordial nothingness, OBLIVION. Ten of these Realms form the KINGDOM; the eleventh, our own, is independent.


In the heart of Ancient Athens, a prophet is born. XENO rises to lead the MULTILEGION, the divine army of Earth. As he grows old, he passes on the reigns of the Legion and is taken in by the LORD RĀN, granting him immortality as he acts as second viceroy to the CREATOR, El-À-Bûr.

Years later, as he travel home to Athens, Xeno is corrupted by wretched Oblivion, twisting his will and mind with The VIRUS. In a fit of infected rage, he returns to the Kingdom and conquers all but one Realm, that of the Creator. As part of his decree, he sires two children in each Realm known as Si, each having special powers. While those in the Kingdom Empire are raised by Xeno, now called by his title “The ANCESTOR,” those on Earth, the Master Si, are let free and slowly integrate into the Multilegion.


At the beginning of the Common Era, Rome has the Levant under its thumb. In the heart of Judea, two brothers, MARK and BILL, trek toward Jerusalem, summoned to the Temple. Mark is the living reincarnation of The Ancestor, picked by the CODEX to serve its Word. Bill is the son of APOLLO, marked with golden eyes. While Bill is sent to the last bastion in the Kingdom to train under his father, Mark goes undercover in the Multilegion, now overrun by Ancestral loyalists. Working alongside a team of the last living insurgents, Mark must reclaim the Multilegion for the Creator before sending its forces back to The Ancestor’s Empire to defeat the corrupted Lord and restore El’s dominion to the Universe.